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DealerClick's auto sales & management software is a powerful Buy Here/ Pay Here Software, F & I, Inventory, and Forms processing suite designed for: New and Used Car Dealers, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, RV'S, Heavy Trucks, Specialty Dealers, Finance Companies, Leasing Brokers, and Wholesalers. DealerClick Software will assist you in managing your inventory on your lot or online with one of DealerClick's many Inventory upload options.

DealerClick is packed with powerful features that eliminate double entry with integrations such as: QuickBooks Pro, Kelley Blue Book, Black Book,, CARFAX, CVR, DealerTrack, Cudl, Driver License scanning & 800 Number Tracking to add even more power. DealerClick maximizes your profits while saving you time.

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DealerClick is the leading technology provider for dealerships nationwide and carries a wide variety of programs and software to meet all of the necessary needs of a fully functioning Dealership.

From Warranty Coverage to Insurance to Bonding to Funding Loans, DealerClick provides your dealership with the tools and services needed... more


Client Testimonial
DealerClick is an amazing tool that streamlines and supports my entire Dealership. From purchase to service and the sale, DealerClick software makes my life a whole lot easier and frees up my time to sell more vehicles. The support staff at DealerClick is the absolute best. They are extremely helpful and always willing to walk me through any issue that could ever come about. I highly recommend them and would not even consider searching for anything else. Thanks again DealerClick

-David Bluestein -Foreign Motorcars, Inc. on 01/07/2010

DealerClick is the best program I have used in the 20 plus years I have been in the car industry. Most software is dificult and time consuming, however the DealerClick software is user friendly and very easy to navigate.

-Auto Source Inc on 08/04/2009

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